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Doing What Matters: 

Integrating Public Health and Criminal Justice Reform

On Monday, October 29th through Wednesday November 1st 2017, the ICCA conference will feature commissioned plenary presentations as well as workshop presentations.

You are invited to submit an abstract for a conference workshop. Special consideration will be given to submissions that reflect the conference theme and topics listed below. We will also give consideration to presentations that are:

- Innovative and integrative - demonstrating the intersection of promising practices with evidence-based research.

- Cross disciplinary (emerging outside of corrections with implications for practice with justice-involved males and females)

Doing What Matters: Integrating Public Health and Criminal Justice Reforms

Track 1: Addressing Opiate Use Disorder to Improve Public Safety and Public Health

                Research Co-Chair: Dr. Caleb Banta-Green, University of Washington Drug & Alcohol Institute

Track 2: Strengthening Employment and Housing Supports to Improve Reentry Outcomes

                Research Co-Chair: Dr. David Connor, Seattle University Dept. of Criminal Justice

Track 3: Understanding and Preventing the Criminalization of Mental Illness

Workshops are typically 90 minutes in length. The format may be lecture, panel presentation, or interactive. Workshops offering strong elements of both research and practice may opt for conducting two consecutive 90 minute workshops for a total of three hours in length.

General Information:
Presenters are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation costs but will be offered free conference registration for the day of their presentation.

Submitting Your Workshop Proposal:
Please complete the form found below
in its entirety including:

- Title of presentation

- A brief professional biography for the author and for any co-authors intending to participate in the presentation at this year’s annual conference.

- Detailed abstract 

- Technical requirements for your presentation


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